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Our Training Program












All horses while in training with Glyshaw Racing Stables will receive high quality care. Top stakes horses to lower level claimers get equal and personal care, because each is an individual with their own unique personalities and issues. Top care consists of high quality feed, hay, straw bedding, medications for their legs/bodies, daily equipment for horses plus equipment for morning training, supplements and daily exercise at the track. The quality items we use directly translate into how the horses perform in their races. "If you take care of them, they'll take care of you."


Each horse will receive top veterinary care, be shod regularly by an expert team of farriers, have regular check-ups from the equine dentist, and will have chiropractic work performed when needed as well as massage treatments before races.


Stop by to see the horses whenever you want. You can see how happy and healthy our barn is. A happy horse, in our opinion, is one who looks good, feels good, sleeps well, and eats well.  This is a way of ensuring that they feel good; same thing with sleeping.  Take a look at our horses after feed time - you will find most of them stretched out napping. Happy horses equal winning horses.


Tim is in constant communication with all his owners. He lets the owners know their horse's work out schedules, racing schedules, possible future race dates, and anything else that may arise. He emails, calls or texts depending on schedules. Another bonus in having horses stabled at Glyshaw Racing Stables is having photos emailed to you of your horses. Since many of our owners are out of state from their horses, it's a nice thing to be able to talk regularly with their trainer and to see pictures of their horses. Tim also emails your horse's DRF past performances to you each time they race.

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